~ dainty details ~

I am loving the dainty little branches, leaves and flowers on this cake...
Wedding Cake
So sweet.  Happy weekend!

~ Ciao

...photography millie holloman


~ beach grass + moss ~

As I mentioned last week in my ~ swamp thing ~ post on luna and chloe (my other blog), I love the moss that hangs from the trees in Florida.  And with being at the beach yesterday and seeing the grass...I knew the combo would be very cool!  So you could imagine my surprise when I found this picture yesterday with the jar on the left filled with both (granted it's not the tree hanging moss, but it is very similar)...
What a great combination the two make!  And I love that it pulls in green as opposed to blue, which is always used with beach weddings.  Simple, sophistication is what I would call this combo...especially when used as centerpieces.  The moss in the jar on the right would be perfect for a woodland, rustic wedding when combined with some other elements...twigs, mushrooms, etc...  And the jars can be found just about anywhere...Target is where I got mine.  And after the wedding the jars are great to have on hand!  I have filled mine with everything from sangria, cookies, utensils, soap...really anything!

~ Ciao

...image ethan ollie found via forget me knot weddings, via frenchie & flea


~ who says... ~

...you can't paint a heart on the side of the building with your initials in it?
Pretty fabulous!

~ Ciao

...image via going to the chapel


~ tuesday thought: starry night ~

I am in love with the inside of this tent...
Not only are the chandeliers spectacular...but the stars are making me swoon!  Love, love, love.  Wouldn't this be a great idea to do inside your tent?  Granted this picture is pretty glam, but no matter what the theme or style of your reception this idea would work.  And if stars aren't your thing...then choose something that is (this is where you can get really creative).  Yet, here is your Tuesday Thought...even if you aren't having a tent wedding...why not string up some stars over your reception location?  String them between trees, or from poles over the dance floor to add just a little something special!  And one last thing...how dreamy would they be if you attached them to fishing line a couple inches apart (which makes them look like they are floating) and created a backdrop for your photobooth...just an extra little thought for you today.

~ Ciao

...photography bonnie tsang


~ flowers of the week: 4.19.10 ~

So pretty in pink...
Loving the sprays and the burlap!  Perfect for the casual, outdoor bride...or bridesmaids.  Happy Monday.

~ Ciao

...image via style me pretty


~ in the jar ~

Sometimes simple is stunning and special...
How perfect are these jars filled with different items?  Rope for a nautical wedding, starfish for a beach wedding and river rocks for a country wedding are simple centerpieces or decor!  What I love about this is the many ways that it can be done - pinecones for a wedding in the hills, colored leaves for a fall wedding...you get the idea.  And since you chose your location because it was a place you loved, why not use some of the surroundings in your decor...making it all the more personal and special.

And since I am at a variety of beaches this week...why not fill an empty water bottle with some white Florida sand from each to take home with me?  I can put them in a pretty jars and place them on the windowsill in my bathroom as a reminder of my trip.  Should have started this a long time ago, and I would have sand from beaches in California all the way to Croatia.  I guess it's never to late to start!  My point, items like these can be incorporated into your wedding.  How cool would it be to use sand from all the beaches you have been to with your man into your wedding?  Taking the starfish and sand jar for example, fill the jar with sand from a particular beach and then you could use the beach name for the table...point reyes, sanddollar, palm beach, horseshoe bay...such pretty names, don't you think?  Or rocks from your favorite river, rope from the ports you have docked in...  Or you can top your favors with some rope, a starfish, a river rock, a pinecone or some fall leaves!  All little details that make it extra special.  Hope you all have a Happy Weekend!  I'm off to the beach to collect some sand.  See you Monday.

~ Ciao

...photography michael graydon

~ on the wall ~

I am adoring this photo display...
Such a sweet way to display photos at your wedding...but wouldn't it be just as sweet after the wedding at your home?  Especially with your names!

~ Ciao

...image via style me pretty


~ who says... ~

...you can't have a surfboard at your wedding?
Who Says...
Especially one with your names and wedding date on it!  Love the personal detail!  I am also adoring the simplicity of the lace tied to sticks below.  So easy to make, and great for any location!  But what gets me is how pretty are they blowing in the breeze.  Love when there is movement...
And if you remember, last week I had posted a boat with lace sails(which you can see here), well you could image how thrilled I was to find these pictures last night!  Lace by the water - absolutely!

P.S. -  I am on my way to Florida today, to see my new little nephew for the first time.  I will try and post everyday...but it is vacation!  Anyhow, don't be surprised if you see more beachy type of posts in the next week or so...I'm sure I will have lots of inspiration!

~ Ciao

...image via hatch creative studio
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